Metal-Bro Video Bomb: ALTARS Release New Single, “To Give”

Post by Daniel McDonald

As the title so secretly hints at, ALTARS have released a new single to coincide with the release of their sophomore full length album with Facedown Records, “Something More”. The single is called “To Give”.


I’ll admit that ALTARS sound for “Something More” is not usually my style, being more hardcore punk than metalcore – or other genres of that field. Still, I’ve found myself intrigued and drawn into listening to them more and more. I’m also pretty excited to get a chance for an end-to-end listen of the new LP.

ALTARS also released “Eternity” from “Something More”, which also features on Facedown’s latest sampler (click here to download the free sampler). This has been a highlight amongst the heavyweights of the label. Check out the YouTube of “Eternity” here.

“To Give” opens with a choir-esque intro of children singing about a deceptively beautiful world. It pretty much has you hooked from there. It has some pretty standard and supersweet punk beats and the vocals are spot on for the sound. Much more varied than their previous release, “Conclusions”. Do yourself a favour and check out the song here.

If you like the song, support the band and order the album. A portion of the proceeds goes to Know.Think.Act. – Facedown’s Records patron charity.

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