Metal-Bro Lyric Shot: “Panhammer” by PHINEHAS

“Come on, come on
Are you a dead man?
Pull up your skirt
We’re on a mission
We need a hero
Not a politician”

Taken from the song “Panhammer
from “The Bridge Between EP
via Red Cord Records


One of the reasons I love, love, love Christian Metal is that it is quality musicianship that delivers a passionate message in a passionate way. I don’t get anything from other genres of Christian music, and to be honest, I don’t think it’s that great. It also is manly – as is dudesome. Some don’t think that. Some think it’s just angry, but that’s balderdash.

Why the above lyric shot? I think it talks to me because I am sick of Christian men being seen as less than men and, in some cases acting less than men. This song, as a whole, seems to be more of a statement of America’s political state and a call for men to man-up and do the right thing. But the above shot in particular is relevant across the board.

As a Christian man, I am very passionate about wanting to see generations of men – young and old, Christian or not – take a stand against the subtle, but all out war against things like families, attitudes toward woman (I am a huge fan of the Collective Shout movement) and the acceptance of entertainment in the form of gratuitous violence and nudity. To me, it’s just not on. Men need to be that, men.

A survey many years ago asked who most Americans wanted to be like in terms of movie heroes. It wasn’t Han Solo, although he was close. It was the humble Atticus Finch from “To Kill A Mocking Bird”. Interesting, isn’t it? Yet so many of us, despite this want, display characteristics on the other side of the spectrum. It must be easier to want that and settle for lesser here and now.

In terms of role models, Finchy isn’t a bad choice. As a Christian man, I can say I am not perfect. I’m far from it. But I have the perfect role model who I strive to be like: Jesus Christ. The only perfect man. God amoung us.

If men need example of hardening up, all they need to do is seek Jesus. He always rose against the popular perception of things when it was right to do so. He always knew the consequence he would face for being perfect, yet he stood. He had a mission. He came to save you and I by living the blameless life and bearing our punishment. He then was able to conquer death because of his blameless existence.

I once saw a bumper sticker which had stayed with me because it summed up a manly message of Jesus. It simply said, “Jesus. Tougher than hell!”

I’ll finish by saying that my definition of a man is not all metal and tattoos (I have none). You could be bookish type, love classical music (which is very metal) and not have much of a build. What matters is how we defend our families and/or those worse off, stand against the popular but immoral standards of today (e.g.: entertainment in the form of Game of Thrones type shows and media piracy), respect women and nurture the younger generations for the betterment of their lives over our own.

These are Spirit led convictions of mine. They may be small when counted on their own, but I pray that my standing by these would be enough to sow a seed in those around me. I know I would not be the man I am today without the Grace of my Lord, God and saviour.

God bless, Bros and Brodettes.

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One thought on “Metal-Bro Lyric Shot: “Panhammer” by PHINEHAS

  1. I Couldn’t agree more that de-masculinity is common in western secular countries, unfortunately this has seeped into our churches, it is a reflection of our culture in the western church. We have to remember that Apostle Peter, huge brutish fishermen, were the first Jesus chose for his mission.

    this also reminded me of the interpretation of the Hebrew word we translate ‘meek’ or ‘meekness’. our definition of it is associated with being weak or submissive, but to the Hebrew it is an attribute of strength, enduring and controlling yourself, being in ‘balance’ despite of circumstances, it is being gentle but with great strength, it is an attribute of God, Jesus and Moses and a fruit of the Spirit!

    Great Article man i love the tune and I love the questions you raised.

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