Metal-Bro Lyric Shot: “Kefirah” by SAVING GRACE

“This is warning to all!

I never knew you’ is not a metaphor
You want your perfect life
There must be compromise
‘You will know them by their fruits’, well, this tree is
Fruitless! Barren! Rotted Away!

There is a place created for demons
There is a Hell, believe Him He’s seen it
There is a purpose for warnings of old
There is a war waging on for your soul

[and later on in the song…]

‘I never knew you’ is not a metaphor
The way, the truth, the life
He was the compromise
There are many rooms, but your house is

See through the lies
Beyond the black
Blinded victim of unholy attack
No other name will snatch you from the fire
If there is another then Christ is a liar

He is the gate
He paid the cost
The key to the Heavens was hung on a cross
He is the one mighty to save
Conquering death as He WALKED FROM HIS GRAVE!

Royal Blood
Most precious blood
But you still want more…

Father God
Most Holy Christ
Truly I tell you He is coming back for His bride not a whore

Lyrics taken from the song “Kefirah
from the album The King is Coming (2011)
via Facedown Records

"The King Is Coming" Album Art by SAVING GRACE

“The King Is Coming” Album Art by SAVING GRACE

NOTE: After a little Google research, I have interpreted the meaning of the word “Kefirah” in the context of the song to mean misinterpretation or departure from scriptural message and meaning. There is a lot of stuff on the net that refer to this word in the context of Judaism.

First up; my apologies for the length of the lyrical extract here. SAVING GRACE songs are so lyrically rich and I really did just use a little shot from this song. So, now that the explanations are done, on with the Shot!

For those who may not be aware, “Universalism” is the theological doctrine that all people will eventually be saved. I think this is prevalent in our western culture in terms of the belief that as long as you are deemed a “good” person, you’re guaranteed your place in Heaven. I think SAVING GRACE refute this message perfectly and with just the right amount of tact (AKA bluntness) with the bellow of: “UNIVERSALISM. IS. A. LIE!”

Jesus spoke the truth about Hell and that He was the only way to avoid it and to have eternal life. Jesus states, truthfully, that he is the way, the truth and the life and showed his power over death and Hell (as well as his amazing love for us all) by dying on the cross and then rising from the dead – from the very depths of Hell itself! Jesus is tougher than Hell, and I rejoice in that!

I think I’ll let the lyrics to the rest of the talking. They pretty much say it all. The only other thing I’ll say before signing off is this; read the scriptures and check what you hear against the Word. Pray to God and get to know our lord and saviour, Jesus, as a person who you should be letting into your lives. Know Jesus, speak with Him, praise Him, cry to Him when you need to. Have Him know you, so you will never hear the dreadful words, “I never knew you”…

God bless, Bros and Brodettes.

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One last thing…

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God bless, Bros and Brodettes!

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