Metal-Bro Album Review: “A New Creation” by FLAWED BY DESIGN

Album reviewed by Daniel McDonald of Christian Metal-Bro Alliance

A New Creation by available now through Rottweiler Records

Available through Rottweiler Records

Available through Rottweiler Records

FLAWED BY DESIGN originate from North Carolina and bring to the fold their unique mix hardcore with a not unpleasant serving late 90’s nu-metal flavored funk and groove with deliciously thick and prominent bass dominance. The vocals are raw and hard, jumping from throat-tearing hardcore growling to almost rap-paced clean sections. Each song bringing a blend of pace-changes and chorus breakdowns that mean no song blends into another, which can be an easy trap to fall into in this genre.

Overall, due to the eclectic influences of the band, you would class it as “metalcore”, but given the stereotype associated with the word, I would urge to see past this and see what you think of the album for yourself. It is definitively clear of gratingly-high-pitched clean choruses.

FLAWED BY DESIGN addresses themes that tie in perfectly with their name, the album’s title and their Christian faith. Songs cover topics such as our fallen nature, the return of Jesus, temptation, relationships and redemption through Christ. A journey that is clearly mapped out when you check out the track names, songs like “Soul Saver”, “The Great Return” and “Flawed” all point to the strong faith based content of each song.

Lyrically, I find each listen to be an encouragement, never hesitating to mention Jesus by name and speak clearly of matters of the faith. Something I always love when smashing through a new metal album; especially when I think about some releases recently that have been lacklustre in strong Christian lyrics.

The album opens with an intro track that plays upon the global confusion that one would expect would occur when Christ appears again. Personally, I don’t know if it fits into the overall sound of the album, but I won’t hesitate in saying it fits the themes. I’ve generally got things started by heading straight to the first real song on the album – being the second track – “Blame”. This is where the action starts, proverbially mosh-bouncing from track to track.

When I chose to listen to the album, I can’t bail until its done. It draws you in that way. For me it is likely a nostalgic factor having grown up with the quality nu-metal that is hinted at in this album, but is also due to the above average song writing – I never get bored during the metal journey.

I’ve mentioned the nu-metallic sections of the album, but I also want to highlight the face-bruising quality of the hardcore element of A New Creation. When the songs change pace and enter hardcore territory, it is divine. Vocalist, Dillon Reynolds, knows how to crush his enemies into submission with his angst-laden gravelly growl. I’m hoping future efforts lean more towards this in the future.

3 stars of out 5
As newcomers to my metal radar, FLAWED BY DESIGN has left their mark. A New Creation is an album that is enjoyable and distinct from the crowd. The lyrical content is solid in faith and is accompanied by musicians that mean business. Recommended if your after something different and new.

01 Intro
02 Blame
03 The Great Return
04 New Creation
05 Flawed
06 Save Me
07 Against the Wall
08 Only By Mercy
09 On My Own
10 Soul Saver

Vocals – Dillon Reynolds
Guitar – Tony Greer
Bass – Davie Huffman
Drums – Shane Atkinson

A New Creation by available now through Rottweiler Records


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